torstai 26. huhtikuuta 2012


Information about rock-climbing sites in Finland

1. Evo Hiking Area

Evo is one of the largest continuous forested areas in the southern Finland. Inside the 47 large Hiking Area. On the edges, the terrain is more rocky and difficult. 

The rock climbing destination of Evo is located at Hakovuori Hill. Hakovuori Hill is located east of Lake Evajärvi and north-east of Lake Haarajärvi, close to Tavilammentie. Hakovuori has been marked in the map of Ilvesvaellus Trail with “beautiful scenery” mark.

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2. Helvetinjarvi National Park
Today this rugged scenery attracts hikers for both day trips and camping. Special features of the area include deep rifts, steeply sided lakes, small forest ponds and remote forests. Helvetinkolu, one of the gorges, has attracted visitors since 1800s, and it is still the most popular destination in the Park.

Rock climbing is allowed in the National Park in a designated place in the northern part of the park, near Helvetinkolu Gorge, east of Sammakkolammi Pond. You can reach the top of the climbing rock from Helvetinkolu by taking the path to Karhukallio Rock. The bottom of the rock can be reached via the path from Helvetinkolu to Ruokkeenharju. Do not try rock climbing without intruction from a trained climbing guide.

3. Nuuksio National Park
In Nuuksio it is possible to escape the busy capital city and experience nature. With its marked trails, cooking shelters and camping sites Nuuksio is ideal for short hiking trips. In Southern Finland, Uusimaa Region, Town of Espoo.

Rock climbing is allowed in the National Park in two places.

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4.Repovesi National Park