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Berry Picking in Finland

I couldn't find much on this subject - all I could find were the seasons for berry picking and the best times to do so. I tried to find where the best spots were but I couldn't.

The berry picking season is at its best in September. This is the time when, for instance the lingonberry and the health bomb cranberry are ripe and delicious. The picking of berries belongs to Everyman’s Rights - everyone is allowed to go where they please so long as it doesn't damage any wildlife, scenery or habitats of animals. 

Cloudberries in July/August in marches and wetlands
"Ripe and ready to pick in the beginning of August, the cloudberry mainly thrives in the tussocks of open swamps with few trees, fuscum pine swamps and backwoods with low nutrient levels.  The cloudberry is very good for you, as it contains plenty of vitamin C and minerals. "

Blueberries in August on both rich and sandy soil in pine forests

Lingonberries in September also on sandy, but drier soil in pine forests

Cranberries in September/October and in May after snowmelt in marches and wetlands

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